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At Why Not Books, we are passionate about all types of books, from children books and mystery novels to first edition signed copies. What sets us apart from other book stores in Colorado Springs is the fact that we have an extremely large inventory of quality used books at fair prices. We also feature local authors and frequently host event for kids, making us a one-stop shop for families who love bringing up bright bookworms.

Why Not Books is a veteran owned, family book store. The owner is a retired Navy Officer and he and his wife have been running the book store for over two years. They have a 14 year old son who is equally enthusiastic about books and reading. The family is very active in the local community and their church. They bring this passion to their workplace by making all visitors feel welcome and at home.

If you are looking for a local bookstore with the widest variety of books as well as a tangible, warm atmosphere, then Why Not Books is for you. We love engaging with our customers and we are always open to feedback about the books that you are interested in or the types of events that you would like us to host for kids.

Alive. Affordable. Fun. Books. 

With all the technology bringing alternate ways to provide reading material, entertainment – we at Why Not Books? still think books are the best ways to read. For more insight into this fascinating world of books, please contact us today.


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When you’re looking for gifts this holiday season, don’t go to Amazon or some other big-box retailer. As a business opened and run by a military veteran, Why Not Books? Used Book Store understands the meaning and importance of service.

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With books on everything from cooking, travel, sports, military history, diet/fitness — to business books, politics, and science fiction, you’ll find something to inspire and invigorate you every time.