My first impressions of The Discoveries of Arthur Grey were, “Wow, this a lot like Harry Potter,” which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Arthur Grey is your typical adventurer–wait, let me rephrase that. Arthur Grey wants to be an adventurer. Stuck in droll, unimaginative Ivor Manor with his grandmother, Gree, Arthur has that unquenchable drive to seek more than what is front of him; he is described to be much like his father, who has not come to see Arthur in several years.

Then, a strange traveler appears, requesting a tour within Ivor Manor, and carrying with him a bag of secrets. Doing what he does best, Arthur does everything he can to find out the traveler’s true purpose, despite his grandmother’s insistence that he rid his head of those nothing fantasies.

What unfolds brings Arthur into the folds of an ancient society hidden from the world; and, when the society is threatened, Arthur must uncover secrets while risking his life in an adventure he can never underestimate.

Yes, it is a bit like Harry Potter. Friendship is a key factor, as well as all the wonders of exploring a strange world; granted, those elements push the story forward. There were more than a few times where I wanted to continue reading because of the interesting characters and their motivations.

On the other hand, The Discoveries of Arthur Grey can also be reminiscent of Harry Potter in ways in which you guess at the turnout of the plot and find you are correct on most fronts; however, Finnish is skilled at diverting the reader with clever twists. I appreciated at least two of those twists shocking me at a point.

It is a well-crafted story, with a bit of confusion between the first and second chapter; however, if I happened to see any of the sequels to this trilogy, then I would not hesitate in grabbing one to finish off the intriguing tale of Arthur Grey and his Spyglass Squad.

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