To all romance fans, The Ghost by Danielle Steele is a book you would consider reading one rainy day, sitting in an armchair by the fire, with a blanket and a cup of tea. As there are cozy mysteries, so are there cozy romances. This is one of them.

The Ghost tells of a skilled architect, Daniel, whose workaholic tendencies distract him from what truly matters in his life, and who cannot understand how, or why, his wife of ten years has left him for another man.

When on a soul-searching escapade to Vermont, a snow storm leaves Daniel stranded in a small Massachusetts town, where he finds new friends, as well as uncovers an ancient romance that reveals to him the truth: that love is timeless and sometimes right in front of us.

Being a historical romance this time around, much of the setting in The Ghost centers around rural Massachusetts during the time period of the Indians. The history buffs among you may appreciate the historical accuracy and take fun in recognizing unique details the average reader might miss.

This is a Danielle Steele novel by which any one–regular reader or not–can be introduced to Steele’s style. Some of the characters are empty at first appearance, but serve the story well. That said, it is a perfect choice for experienced Steele fans and newcomers alike–a classic romance.


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