This is an intense thriller, as well as a worthy character study into the life of FBI Hostage Rescue Agent Web London as he attempts to decipher the secrets of his survival after he narrowly escapes the terrible fate which took the lives of his fellow team members.

Last Man Standing is chock full of interesting and diverse characters, each with a personal, sometimes dark, motive in this ever-unraveling conspiracy into which Web London is unceremoniously hurtled amid the teeming masses shouting out for his imprisonment.

It is fast-paced, and more than once will make you not want to put down the book; however, for a short time it does drag onwards with a slow burning flame.

The action is thrilling, with twists that will leave you wondering whether or not you knew it all along–and it all culminates in a climax as attention-grabbing as the opening chapter.

You will leave Last Man Standing with Baldacci at the forefront of your next great read, as he has written both a story that will make you feel, as well as make you hungry for more.




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