Nelson Demille’s The Lion is a sequel to his earlier novel The Lion’s Game and I recommend you read The Lion’s Game before reading The Lion.  The Lion is a tale of a Libyan terrorist who has returned to the United States to finish what he started earlier (see The Lion’s Game).  In the US he both hunts and is hunted by the husband-wife team of John Corey and Kate Mayfield, part of an FBI/NYPD interagency Anti-Terrorism Task Force.  For those not familiar with Nelson DeMille’s character of John Corey he is a fascinating and enjoyable character.  Operating on the fringes of his supervisors guidelines, Corey uses his quick wit and NYPD honed skill along with sheer determination to stay on the trail of The Lion.  Told in the first person of John Corey, the book is fast paced, suspenseful and enjoyable.  Like all his books, DeMille entertains with a masterful plot, lively characters and exciting twists.  I strongly recommend this book to those who like military and/or police action-adventure type novels.  I hope you enjoy The Lion by Nelson DeMille.     

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