Why not Books? Used Bookstore Colorado Springs
Why not Books? Used books Colorado Springs

Where to find Autographed Books in Colorado Springs


Why not Books? Used Bookstore Colorado Springs

 More than surface value

The two words “signed books” may, for some, conjure up visions of musty old tomes, secure behind glass because of their extreme financial value.

While some books do soar in monetary value with the addition of a signature, not all signed books for sale are necessarily destined for a great return on investment. For many, the true value of a signed book is that time and effort were taken to have the book signed.These books are treasured no matter how little you may be able to sell it for. There is no guarantee that the monetary value will increase dramatically. Librocubicularists will take them to bed without batting an eye.

Here is an overview of how to buy autographed books online

Financial value increases in direct proportion to the rarity of the signed book. This is where investing starts to get serious.

There are various types of salutations:

  • When a copy is “flat signed” the author has written only his or her name and nothing else.
  • Confusingly “autographed” in reference to bookselling means that the book was hand-written and does not refer to a signature or inscription at all
  • The term “inscribed” means that the author has added a short note to his or her signature.
    • “Inscribed by author” refers to a general inscription to another person, not necessarily of particular note or for a specific reason.
    • “Presentation copies” are gifts from the author, most often signed very close to the book’s publication date.
    • “Dedication copies” are extra special because they are specifically for the person appearing on the printed dedication within the book.

Bookselling is not an exact science, or even always logical. However, the two key elements to take note of when buying online autographed books are authenticity and scarcity.

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