Why not Books? Used Bookstore Colorado Springs
Why not Books? Used books Colorado Springs

Finding the ultimate book is as much fun online as it is instore!


Why not Books? Colorado Springs

Fascinating facts

While much is written about the alarming number of people who don’t read regularly, a 2007 report revealed that 73 percent of the 1000 adults surveyed had, in fact, read a book in the previous twelve months. More than half of those who had read a book in the past year had read more than six books, and over a quarter had read more than fifteen.

Most tots are quite adept of learning far more complicated material far earlier than most people give them credit for. Children whose parents read to them get a head start on language skills and literacy, as well as bonding time with Mom or Dad.

Pirates’ delight – visiting a book store!

Who can resist the joy of leisurely ambling through a book store, browsing the various categories, with the excitement of knowing that a gem may be discovered in the treasure chest of books? You’re imagining it right now, aren’t you? Add to your daydream some “bibliosmia” a word coined to describe the characteristic aroma of a good book.

 Unfortunately, for many of us this is indeed just a daydream. Between the skyrocketing price of retail space and the hectic schedules most of us keep, quality time spent in book shops is dwindling. More often than not, the closest we get is grabbing an exorbitantly expensive paperback at an airport.

Yet, as the figures above attest, our love of reading has certainly not diminished.

Save our souls

  • For all the bibliophphagists who ache to devour more and more books, yet lack the time to visit a retailer, you can buy used books online. There may not be the camaraderie experienced in a physical store, but the benefits are immense:
  • time is less restricted, as the used books online store is open 24/7
  • shopping for risqué titles is more discreet
  • money used for fuel and parking can rather be used for more books
  • it’s convenient to shop without worrying about children running amok in the store
  • crowds and intrusive shop assistants are a thing of the past, and last but not least,
  • the dress code is a lot more flexible than shopping in public!

Used book stores online are a win-win. For endless browsing, please contact us.